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Salvagnini designar, bygger, säljer och har service av flexibla maskiner och system för bearbetning av plåt.

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Det är människor som utmanar begreppet tid genom byggande och implementering av ny teknologi.

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Perfect in every detail, the P1 panel bender makes the impossible possible. Salvagnini has created an affordable system for all those who until today have only ever dreamed of bending.
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Perfect balance between space and consumption, productivity and flexibility. The P2Xe is the compact hybrid Salvagnini panel bender and it has developed for companies that want to improve...
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The history and the future of metalworking. In 1977 Guido Salvagnini invented and introduced to the market the first P4 Panel Bender, a numerically controlled machine tool for cold-flat sheets... 
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FlexCell combines the features of a Salvagnini panel bender and a press-brake and is the only solution of its kind on the market for getting the most out of bending.
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S4 + P4 linje
Flexible manufacturing system. The S4+P4 line is one of Salvagnini’s most popular solutions. It punches, shears and bends sheet metal totally automatically. The first prototype dates back...
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Automatic Job Shops
In an AJS™ system, panel production through punching, shearing, laser cutting and/or bending is both automatic and flexible, satisfying a wide variety of production strategies, such as lean...
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The L3 is the machine that Salvagnini has dedicated exclusively to fiber. Its cutting-edge technology means that it is able to reach the very highest levels in terms of speed, accuracy...
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L5: experience and innovation. The second-generation fiber laser with a patented compass structure. All Salvagnini laser machines feature revolutionary mechanical and control solutions...
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E3: low production costs, high quality and ease of use. The perfect solution for producing small parts. The Salvagnini E3 electric press-brake range is the winning solution for environmentally friendly...
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B2: perfect part synchrony, the source of quality. The B2 structure is stable and balanced: extremely versatile press-brake can be set according to customer needs, guaranteeing energy savings...
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B3 KinEtic: another press-brake revolution. Salvagnini presents the B3 KinEtic series of press-brakes, the fruit of synergy of the company’s knowledge of panel-bending and brake-forming technology.
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The press-brake cell with a single controller and single program, ideal for automatic light-out solutions. A single machine capable of satisfying all your production needs accurately and effectively.
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S4Xe: you have chosen to work with the best. An array of technology that guarantees high performance and process efficiency. The winning solution even when working in line with panel benders.
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The shortest path from design to production. Create to satisfy the most demanding needs in terms of flexibility, the SL4 is the Salvagnini solution that combines 4 different functions in…
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